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Melissa Reese

Owner and Travel Advisor


I grew up understanding from a young age that life is an adventure.  Raised in the Midwest, I spent many summers traveling coast-to-coast, taking in the diversity of the United States with my family.  It was here, in the backseat of the family station wagon, where my passion for travel was born.


I have been traveling & creating itineraries since 1997, and have personally visited 80+ countries, many multiple times.  My first-hand experience is vast and varied – from exotic safaris in Africa’s majestic lands to Alaska’s pristine wilderness; large ship cruises to intimate riverboats journeys on every major waterway; across America from New York City to Napa Valley; throughout Asia and Down Under.  I’ve carried a backpack through many ‘roughing it’ adventures and have escorted guests on several private luxury jets, including circumnavigating the globe twice on the legendary Air France Concorde. 


Regardless of where I am, who I am with, the goal is always the same – to be part of the destination and to be experience each moment.  It is my personal goal to pack this same approach into every trip for each of my clients, long before they depart on a journey and after they return home with a suitcase full of memories.  


It's with this first hand experience, passion, expertise and industry relationships that allows me to give my clients the best in their travels.  Melissa Reese Travel... experience more.


Where my personal and professional travels have taken me in the past:

What's on your personal Bucket List... click here for inspiration: 

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